Hey , ive lived the rock star lifestyle. I need advice on how to be Metal and Monogamous. I honeslty am lookn for advicce or a mentor on how to be a real Man in general. Metal is what  I am so ill ask here. thanx.
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I've played in some bands for quiet a few years and I've seen a lot of ****. Singers in jail and people wanting it for all the wrong reasons. Steven Tyler says that "You're either a professional musican or a professional *******"" and he's right. When I played a gig it was strictly business, I went in there with the attitude that I was there to entertain and have people enjoy themselves. Yes you're going to meet women, but for the most part I'm going to tell you they still have worldly thinking, no matter how much class they have or how cute and sexy they are and after a while it got boring, like living at a gormet buffet resteraunt. It all looks good and you're going to induklge but eventually you're going to get bored eating and seeing the same stuff after a month or so, so you end up just doing your job and keep people happy and fed.

Sex addict or diversity addict ? Sex can be satisfied with one partner. That's always confused me. I used to be with a "sex addict". The thing was...I was also a sex addict but highly monogamous. I could have sex 24/7, I'd do anything including changing my appearance, and I never said no. He still had affairs. So IMO he was a diversity addict. It sounds like you're the same way. Sorry, I know you are looking for a male sponsor but I'm simply curious about your take on this question. I've alwyas thought it should be something that should be addressed by the psych community. Why is one person a monogamous sex addict while another is a diversity driven sex addict ? Even if the conditions that create the sexual psyche are almost identical ? I just think if we understood that, we might be one step closer to understanding and helping the condition.

You simply need to recognise if you can or cannot be monogamous. If you can't, be honest with yourself and your sex partners. Don't even start a relationship and be up front. Wait until you are older like Majakovski said. it will happen naturally. There is nothing wrong with playing the field as long as you are honest with your partners. Don't hurt women. Emotional pain is far worse than physical. Also, take birth control into your own hands. Don't depend on the woman saying she is on the pill. Accidental pregnancy can destroy lives.

Once you reach 30 it will happen without you even noticing it.