Heavy Smoking

ive been smoking for about 13 years now and am up to like 3ppd. i love it and really have no plans on quitting. im proud to be a smoker and the health risks dont bother me at all, i know one day it will happen and im ok with it. becoming a smoker to me is one of the best things ive ever done and i have no regrets what so ever. my grandfather smoked and lived till he was 80, my dad smokes still (heavily too) and hes in his 50s with no health problems. nothing better than lighting up and chain smoking a few first thing in the mornings :)
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I started at 11 and will never quit. Smoking is the best feeling in the world.

Good for you!

Good man!

i start smoking from 10 years and now i stop smoking only with the help of jasper and jasper electronic cigarette there product was awesome.THANKS