Why Does This Happen When I Smoke. Someone Plz Comment.

I smoke a few packs a day and the type of cigarette I smoke are verry strong and any old time I smoke i take DEEP drags and slow inhales so that I can feel the smoke burn my lungs a little. But as the day goes on I half to take deeper and deeper drags to get the same feeling. And by 10 or 11 at night I breath in the smoke and it just feels like im breathing in just air. And it just takes my breath away because I half to take such a deep drag I ain't getting no oxygen. Just smoke. But I can't feel the smoke. If it wasent for my heart starting to race and see the smoke come out of me I wouldene even be able to tell I was even smoking. It's like the smoke aint even there. What the hell is up with that? If I can't feel my lungs burn at least just a little I guess I need to smoke more or a stronger kind. It ****** me off when I go out for a smoke at 10pm and I take a deep drag and can't even feel it when In the morning I take a deep drag and it burns like hell. Does this happen to any one eles? What's ur advice. And I smoke Marlboro ONLY so if any one knows the strongest brand of Marlboros tell me. And what kind has the most tar? I'm just fine with the tar.
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1 Response Jun 17, 2012

Oh yes, my first cigarette burns, it feels so satisfying. It makes me cough too. I get used to them during the day and smoke more and inhale deeper. I'm pretty sure it is because my lungs are shot. My wife made me a smoker, it turns me on to smoke as well. So I smoke all day long, cough, have little breath anymore, but i'm addicted very badly. I tried smoking 2 cigarettes at once. I love to smoke.