Heavy Smoking..

   I've been a smoker since I was 9 years old...I used to smoke only two cigarettes a day. My mum knew and encouraged me. That was good. When I turned 13 I started smoking more...maybe a packet of 20 per day..It's grown since then...

    I'm 38 and for the past 15 or so years now I've smoked at least 40 Silk Cut cigarettes per day. They're my drug of choice; If I'm having a coffee...I'll have a cigarette...If I'm out with friends...I'll have a cigarette...at work..have  cigarettes there too! It's all quite addictive but I think it's great.

    Women look sexy smoking...cigarette dangling from the corner of a heavily made-up mouth. That's me!


     Sammy Jo Duponte x


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think it is so sexy watching a woman smoke keep on smoking please

Sammy (as a guy) it is very sexy. It is very enjoyable too.

Really enjoy your postings. I agree, there is something so incredibly sexy and powerful about a woman smoking. I am completely drawn to it and somewhat powerless or transfixed when I see this.

Chain smoking women with lipstick rings around the cigarettes from dangling between puffs - awesome

I think a smoking woman is a very sexy turn on. It is truly an asset. Deep inhales. sdsmoker

Sammy I know exactly what you mean. I'm a bisexual woman and I happen to believe a woman looks most beautiful when she's dangling a cigarette. I smoke 3 packs a day myself, and even though my morning hack fest causes my girlfriend to worry that I'm dying, I won't give up smoking.

Nice to see a girl smoking, especially a Muslim one (as it gives that feeling of emancipation). But can lead to an unpeasant good-bye.

70 cigarettes in one day? Sounds like a lot, but if you enjoy it so much then it's all good. As long as you stay healthy you are sexy with that cigarette. I will not date women who are strictly opposed to smoking as I really enjoy being with a smoker and it is part of enjoying life.

I smoke 40, and have fetish abt smoking women. Its fantastic. I w'd like to get smoke out of U (nostril & mouth).

A smoking lady is really stylish. wat about ur teeth. have they turned yellow? anyway keep it up.

i find it to be a turn on when i see a woman smoking, and the more she smokes the hotter she is, i don't know why i am that way but there is something about it that is soo sexy

i find it to be a turn on when i see a woman smoking, and the more she smokes the hotter she is, i don't know why i am that way but there is something about it that is soo sexy

One more thing! do u cough alot? I have had a nagging cough for a few years. But just have gotten used to it. Its the price i pay for smoking over 70 cigarettes a day.

I can relate! I always have a cigarette in my hand or mouth. No one would recognize without one. It is part of me and enjoy it soo much.

Smoking can dry out the skin...no question there, so it's down to how you replenish yourself. Being quite a fit gal (and a bit of a contradiction in terms really!) I do drink a lot of water. Water tones up the skin, adding moisture and washing all the bad toxins out of the body. So I have no probs (so far) with anything like that...<br />
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Thank you for the consideration tho!<br />
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Sammy Jo xx

by the way, your skin will turn brown and leathery, and wrinkled

a woman does NOT look sexy smoking!!!!!!<br />
hold a dirty ashtray up to your nose, that is what you smell like!!!!!<br />
I can't get on an elevator with a smoker.<br />
the good thing is that there are hardly any smokers left out there<br />
sorry but that is how I feel

..well...I like smoking and I think it's quite nice. Other issues? Yeah, I'll go along with that but my own opinion of stuff...<br />
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Sammy Jo Duponte x

NOOOOOOOOOOO..cigarettes do not look sexy nor do the poo bum lips you develop after years of sucking on them.................<br />
Try and cut down.

I run, swim, meditate and do Yoga...busy girl! But yeah I do worry...In my job there's a lot of waiting around..so you light up..<br />
<br />
Sammy Jo Duponte x