Heavy Smoking

I've been a smoker since I was 9. Started because I was a curious kid and wanted to know why my parents smoked because in school they would tell is that it was bad for you and that we should never start. Most of my family smoked so I figured if they do it then it must not be all that bad. It started off a few here and there and soon to a couple a day and by the time I was 12 and got caught smoking by my dad I was up to a pack a day. He didn't mind that I was smoking so I got permission and he kept me supplied with all the smokes I needed. My smoking kept increasing too by the time I was 17 I was up to 2ppd which ill tell you is tough when you spend 8 hours or so at school by 21 I had increased up to 3ppd and now at 25 I'm a full fledged chain smoker who smokes 3.5-4+ppd. I'm always smoking even been told a few times I smoke like a chimney. But I love it and don't ever want to quit or cut back. And after 16 years I can feel the effects smoking has had on my lungs, my endurance is not what it should be for someone my age and I get winded fairly easily much quicker than my non smoking and even lighter smoking friends. But all that aside it doesn't bother me because I love smoking
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at 4 packs a day im sure ur lungs love you. i know mine do.

My lungs do love me. I wheeze some and have a heavy morning hacking cough and most mornings even have a gurgle going which is great feeling all the **** in my lungs rattle around in there.

yup, same here

And the hacking cough I have in the mornings that produces phlegm is great too let's me know my lungs are full of crap and each cigarette I smoke fills them more bringing me closer to that awaited copd, emphysema, lung cancer diagnosis! Love my cigarettes, they are so "good" for my lungs

They sure are

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