Did Your Parents Help You Start Smoking?

It was a long time ago, and back then it wasn't uncommon for parents to give their kids an occasional puff. When I was 12, I started asking my mom for puffs, and she let me have them. Soon she started letting me light cigarettes for her and my aunts, so I began to light one for myself too!

How many others started smoking with the help or encouragement of their parents? I know of one forum where there are people who have gotten their kids started smoking recently, so permissive parents are still out there.

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I stole smokes since I was 4 from mom, but as a birthday gift when I was nine my dad got me a pac of marlboro red 100s and Iv been addicted ever since, and my parents lov my addiction too. Im 13 now and Im never gonna quit

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My mom ans older sister helped me to start smoking when I was 11. That's four yrs ago and I'm now smoking 3-4 ppd Marb reds. I LOOOVE IT!!!

I love it too!

Yeah okay, 49 year old dude with a smoking fetish. Get real.

My parents didn't help me start smoking but when they found out I was a smoker when I was 16 they fully supported my decision eventhough they rather I hadn't started smoking.

I started sneaking puffs off my grandmothers. This was before cordless phones and she would leave her cigarette in the ashtray when she would go to answer the phone.

Eventually started sneaking cigs out of her packs and out of moms. Mom caught me when I was 10 and made me sit at the kitchen table and smoke it in front of her. I was allowed to smoke a couple each day from that point on. I still love it and have no regrets

You had a cool mom... I wish my parents would have been likewise!

Actually there was one prior time that I tried smoking - http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Dressing-Boys-As-Girls/2813880

I got caught sneaking my moms cigarettes when I was nine. Turns out I wasn't as stealth as I thought but by the time they found out I was pretty well hooked. Fortunately they were cool about it being smokers themselves. From that day on I have been a smoker.

We are an elite group. Nine years old, 4th grade, huh? I don't think we had a student smoking court in elementary school. lol Being smokers themselves, yeah, maybe that's why they let me smoke, or my mom couldn't stand me bugging her for cigarettes. I still can't believe I was smoking that young. Me, the little brat smoking while my three older brothers didn't. I guess I was the 'lucky' one. I remember when I was 11, I was smoking four a day, before that I don't remember anything.

I joined this group, but am not a heavy smoker. I smoke around 15 a day. That's all my work and time allow me to do. But I enjoy every cigarette!

So cool your parents let you smoke at 9. My parents were totally anti and freaked out when I started with friends (at 12).

They both smoked, seemed more irritated that I was sneaking around stealing them than the fact that I smoked.

Wow your parents are REALLY cool... I would be the same if I had kids.

Perhaps you will some day, I am sure your kids will appreciate having a cool mom

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Yes when I was only 6 months my dad stuck a cigarette into my mouth. Well that got me hooked and by 4 I was a heavy smoker. My mom always said that she was very proud of me.When I was 13 I started taking interest in hookah so my parents let me and we all sat at the table for breakfast lunch and dinner! I love my parents!They even let me get a tatoo all the way up my back of a hookah!

I was smoking when I turned three years old. I found this out after hearing three old audio tapes(reel) of me referring to cigarettes(my brother yelled at me and hit me for saying 'geah'), telling mom I wanted one, pleading to someone for just one puff, and telling mom again on a different tape "I want cigarette". From April of 1965 to Christmas 1965. Imagine to hear yourself that young requesting and pleading fo a cigarette? Been addicted to them for 48 years out of my 51.

Now how I got started I don't know. One, either I took one from the ashtray by myself, or two, my three brothers who did not smoke, maybe dared me to smoke mom's, or three, mom or dad just let me have a puff because it may have been cute.

Since then I found out it was my two(10 & 11yo) brothers who dared me and got me addicted before mom found out. I also had a 15yo brother who made family tapes of us and I am smoking on them. 1965

My mother offered me my first "official" smoke while doing it secretly for a while.

Even my mum blew smoke at me as a little kid. She always wanted me to smoke. So I started whwn I came to school at 6.

My mother blew smoke at me as an infant. It never stopped until she died at age 46. I was sneaking puffs from unattended (probably not accidental) cigarettes at around four. I started to inhale at six. It was only a matter of weeks before we were smoking together but she insisted that this would be our secret. That lasted until eight.and I rapidly advanced to a pack a day. I still love to smoke but those days were priceless. Thanks Mom for the memories.

I love it! But I quit about 8 years ago for health reasons. I have a smoking fetish, so that, plus the nicotine addiction, make quitting tough. I managed, but sitting here right now, I'd LOVE a cigarette!

So, do you like smoking?<br />
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My mother quit smoking when I was six. Her younger sister got her started, haha.