I have one thing in my life I hate more than anything and that is being bored, even with no money, no one to hangout with I still find something to entertain myself!! My frinds like to stay in when they have no mone, they like to sit indoors on a sunny day and be boring, wasting their lifes because they have no money!! Get out in the sun... there is so much to do with no money!! Why stay in on a weekend when you only have your youth once, why miss that party because you've had a hard week at work, why not make th emost  of every oportunity!! If you have a friend that lives abroad go visit them, if you have cousins half way around the world go visit them!!! Your life is what you make it and I sure as hell intend to live my life to the fullest...doing everything I want when I want! I want to look back on my life when Im 80 and say blimey I really had a great time!!! I didnt rott away indoors because I was skint!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx :)
chloeshepps chloeshepps
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

I totally agree with you.