The Glow In The Gazebo

"It's dark..." i thought to myself as I walked the long path home in between tall buildings on the sidewalk... It was quiet... a peaceful but lonely quiet. I could only hear my soft footsteps as i place one foot in front of the other methodically as i always do every night...

Gazing up the sky was clear, stars shimmered despite begin in the city. A nice night for a walk. Not that there was much option.

I noticed that i could see my breath, and the air around me was crisp. I picked up the pace slightly as a neared the intersection that I always do every night, as a walk around the park because it reeks of desperation and pain... who would be there this late at night that you would want to associate with?

But something felt different. And I took a different path, the second made a step outside my routine, I felt colder. and a tingle went up my spine... I stopped and glanced around to see nothing. I continued to enter park

Right when I walked in, there were people standing there, not noticing me, and I kept my gaze forward as well,

The park was simple, a paved path with hedge bushes on either side leading to the center, an old wooden gazebo. On either side of the path there would be green metal benches. Most of these people stood or sat near them…

As I was walking I heard some shuffling g near a bench, a woman was there lying there, she seemed hurt, and as I normally pass by and let someone else deal with it, I chose to stop and talk to her… She look at me as if I was some sort of savior, all I did was tell her she need to want to get up, she needed to find inner strength to trudge on like we all do. But she thanked, I smiled.

“Smiling, huh?” A laughed a little and walked on, more of these people to started to notice me… I felt warmth the air was not quite as cold…

I continued to talk to people, anyone.. .everyone people started to laugh and smile. More looked at me and others walked away. Each time I talked to someone I felt better, happier. It was not quiet and cold, it was warm and comforting I continued down the path toward the gazebo.

A Beautiful woman was keeled over, on the gazebo stairs… she was holding her chest and looking at the floor.. She had this sort of golden aura about her, her skin was a soft pale skin like snow… her hair was  a cinnamon fire that went down to her shoulders, it was matted and thrown about. Her body was thin, frail almost, but she had this sort of stubbornness about her, like a metal you just cannot bend nor break despite how this it is.

Her tears almost looked like diamonds shimmering in the moonlight as each one fell rhythmically  one by one… drip.. drip…drip..

I pulled a napkin out of my pocket and sat next to her… she thanked me and stopped her tears…

“You’re glowing.” I said to her she looked at me and smile, I felt like butterflies just jumped into my stomach, like an elementary school kid looking at his first crush. Her smile stunned me and warmed me…

“awww, you’re sweet.” 

“No you really have this golden kinda glow to you… are you okay? Why are you like this, you should not be alone out in the cold like this… here.” I took of my coat. “ Take my jacket.” I placed it upon her. It covered her black dress that illuminated her beautiful skin. It was a simple one piece dress that had two straps on the top and hugged her tight  and went to her knees, it showed what an amazing body she had.

She sniffled a little more and thanked me. “What brings you here?”

I shrugged “Maybe I was looking for you. So what’s wrong?”

“I hurt, from the past… I am scared of the future. I hate being alone but..”

I finished her sentence “you’re safe now.”

She leaned on me. “Am I?  I don’t know who to trust.”

“I can’t answer that, but I guess the heart is the typical answer.”

I touched her skin, softer than a feather and she moved her face close to mine… I leaned in to lock my lips with hers… but it never happened

I awoke from that dream, now in search of her.



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Jan 24, 2013