Being a Hemaglobin C Carrier

when i was six years old i went in for routine dental work but was going to have gas so i had to have a blood test, as being of African decent it is can be fatal for someone who has sickle cell or sickle cell trait to have gas. I didn't have sickle cell but i had another mutation i was a hemoglobin c carrier. My son myself and my brother all carry this mutation. My mother is white and English and although its not impossible it would be very rare for her to be the carrier, my father would therefore have been the likely carrier but as his now deceased and was never informed himself of this mutation i would have a hard job proving that, although my mother has had tests and has been advised she is not a carrier. My father is one of ten children and none of his siblings are aware of this mutation. I have traced the mutation to particular areas of Africa in particular it is mainly found in the dogon of Mali and in the people of burkina faso. My brother and my son suffer from asthma and I'm wondering if there is a link between this mutation and this illness. Also when my brother and my son had the triple jabs when baby's they both had a major allergic reaction to the jab, no one else in my family had this reaction my mother refused to have me inoculated. I would like to know if there is a link if indeed it has been recognised that there are potential side effects as a result of the one fits all policies!. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has this mutation in their families and if indeed they have found any similar effects in relation to the above. Or any advice would be useful

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Depending where you're born, the hospital checks for the mutation at birth (my mom told me they sent her a letter about me having it 3 months after I was born). Although I understand why doctors and researchers focus their research on the desease, I feel like the trait and carries deserve more research. I find it a like strange you don't know of more ppl with it, then again, most ppl don't pay any mind to it; they ignore it (until the accidentally have a child with someone else with it and the child is born with serious problems- seen that happen a few times).

still noone has this mutation! is an odd feeling to find that you really do have something that is rare i bet if i went to the sickle cell page there would be many people who why not this mutation....could it be my mixed ancestry! hemaglobin is a/c

themainman its not a bad thing in fact its a bonus ion many ways. I have a built in immunity to the falciparum mosquito the ones that kills many every year from malaria!.

Wow! and sorry that you carrie that!

the last time i went to have my blood taken the man taking it said he had never heard of it...and he was dealing with blood all day! who knows, he also argued with me that i meant sickle cell hemaglobin s i said no c about ten times before he said he had never heard of it

well thats why i posted that here but ive not ever done a blog of if i have it was an clueless..1 in 700 people have it evidentally so i am surprised i havent heard anything here but maybe they have the figures wrong my lifetime the only people i am aware who has this are me my brother and my and an asian man told me it was in his family.

yes ive been searching for information for a long time and its only over the last year that a lot of information is now being released after relevant studies. However they dont tell you things like medical impact...and i can only go by what i have experienced in my family. This was most definitely the case for us..and i do believe that the mutation does also have effects, although we are told this is not the case...but there are always exceptions to the as i said they have only recentlyly done any relevant real studies on the mutation since realizing it has more protection that sickle cell against malaria whereas the carrier cannot inflict any disease onto her children unless she has a sickle partner...or a few other hemoglobin mutations..but on its own it can only protect rather than kill like sickle blood. Until further studies are carried out things like this are being my opinion!.