I remember a time when I had all those friends and went out all the time. So many people I thought I could depend on..people I thought I could trust. It was them who taught me that trust exists only so betrayal can show it's face. It's understandable. So 4 years ago, when I shut myself in and cut the ties that bind me to that life, it felt like I had lost something. But for 4 years now, I've spent my time alone losing one person after another on account that I am not who I was before. I don't go out, don't have a phone anymore, and on the rare occasion that I do get out the very limited people who try to speak with me are lucky to even get a response. 4 years of meditation trying to forget what I was. The solitude doesn't bother me a bit, being that I've found that I prefer to be without a lot of people in my life. There's no drama and no conflict. I can live in peace.
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Sep 17, 2011