Don't Talk To Me

Please ignore me, don't talk to me, and I will like you more.

My house door is always close. The windows are always shut. When people knocked on it, I will just ignore it. When I came back from anywhere, I will quickly get into my house so that the neighbours won't see me. So, the neighbour always thinks that no one is living there.

I get annoyed with people who want to get close to me or talk to me. I don't like it when people hug me or talk closely to me. I will move back a little. I don't want to see classmates or people from my past (previous classmates, teachers, or just anyone). When my facilitator asked me to get along with my classmates, I become annoyed and pretend that I didn't hear anything. People around me often say that they feels like they are talking to the wall.

I am always alone when I’m in school. I will try to come early because I can get a place for myself. I don't like it if people stare at me when I am late. I never go for breaks because the canteen will be crowded and I don't like joining the queue when buying food. When other female students went to the toilet with their friends, I will always go on my own. When other students are talking to each other, I will be doing my own things. When other student sits in groups, I will be alone in some corner.

However, I have this sister who I treasure the most. I would love to spend all my time being with her. I don't care if people around me dislike my behaviour, because I know that my sister will love me unconditionally. I don't care what others' have because I am grateful for all the things that I have. I am going to be 21 soon and am going to inherit my late parents' house and money. I don't have to desperately find a job to support myself, unlike some Korean dramas. I have a few friends, though not so close. I still have a chance to go to school despite numerous times thinking of quitting. I never drink, never smoke, never take drugs, never had sex, never mixed with the wrong company. I am a good girl, I truly believe. I can plan ahead for my future. I know what I want and my dream is to fell rich with whatever that I have. With that, it doesn't matter if people always see me alone or have no friends, so long as I am free of enemies.
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Jan 16, 2013