My Life Is Over Befor Its Begun!!!!

I,ve never realy done this befor, but i found this wedsite and i thought it could ok im 15 yrs old and i live in australia and i dont realy have a fixed group of friends at school im kind of dangaling in between friends.But latley i,ve been depley depressed, people think im weird and life has realy started to SUCK.I stoped goin to school now if i got 2 days in a week thats an now im kicked out of school i dont have a job anymore.I now smoke pot all the time to forget my troubles but it dosent work anymore.I dont realy have family i can fall back on and i feel like my friends are trying to cut me a drift because they can see me changing.Please understand that this is the first time 4 me to saught out my problems and this is only the very start of them.I just feel like my head is one big knot that i carnt untangle, so if you could read this and give me your opinion it would realy help...PLZ HELP!

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Why don't you find out WHY you're depressed? Is it because your lonely? No support from your family? Maybe you should see a therapist.<br />
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Yes, using drugs as a crutch isn't a good idea. Drugs are for fun, enlightenment and parties. Not for everyday to deal with life's disappointments. <br />
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School is much easier when your in your teens. If you drop out, you'll have to go back to get your GED later in life and it'll be harder. It's very difficult to get a job with just a Bachelor's. So without a high school diploma I don't know what kind of work you'll ever be eligible to do. <br />
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What kind of life do you want to have? This is an important question. Do you just want to go through the motions or do you want your life to have meaning? When you figure out what is important to you, then you'll know what direction to go in. Its like you want to go on vacation. There's many places available. You need to make choice as to which one location is best. Same thing in life. When you decide what's important to you, following a path will not only be easier; yet, be more satisfying. So if your peers don't like you or make fun of you it won't matter anymore, because you will have direction in which your life will be going. Does that make sense?

My heart goes out to you. I can almost feel the loneliness and sadness in your heart. I remember being 15 and feeling lost. I don't want to preach but I agree with the others, drugs/booze whatever you choose to help you forget is merely a temporary fix for a problem that will be there when you stop using the stuff. It won't make things any better in the long term, believe me. There are groups out there that you can join to help you find some sort of grounding to get you through this rough time. Being a teen is probably the hardest time in a person's life because you feel so misunderstood. I hope that you can dig deep down into yourself and pull out the strength to carry on. There is a lot out there and you can have it if you go after it, but help is also out there too. It won't mean weakness, in fact it means intelligence. Good Luck, I hope you will be ok and come out of this depression. Take care :)

I agree, quit the pot, you may feel like you've got nothing left if you do quit, but in a short time you'll see that you have. Pot, even though its not meant to be addictive can cause a lot of sadness in your life mainly because your friends don't want to have someone who is constantly stoned hanging out with them and your family will look at you as a stoned drop out. There isn't much help out there from friends and family if you're using drugs.<br />
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Getting stoned has never fixed anybody's problems!!<br />
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If you choose to carry on smoking pot use it at weekends, school is so much more important. <br />
The last thing you need is to be sat here when you're 40 looking back on 25 years of being stoned, no career, no proper friends (only other stoners) and all your problems built up into a huge mountain. So do yourself a favour and get yourself back to school and try and work towards a career and find some support and happiness will find you.

going to school and getting an education should be your number one priority. it can be difficult, in fact, school and learning new concepts IS difficult. that's part of the beauty of knowledge, you have to work to attain it, but i digress: GO TO SCHOOL.<br />
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as for any sort of drug use, if you can't use and go to school at the same time then you need to stop doing drugs. it sucks, i know. if you're just smoking pot then quitting should be fairly easy. when you start smoking all the time it becomes more of a habit than anything. just don't do it, school is so much more important.<br />
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i don't mean to sound preachy, but i am kinda preaching at you. believe me though, i've been through many sad days and made quite a few mistakes. message me if you need to talk or vent or anything ^.^

I have been in your position many times... I mean in another sense.... I was the popular girl in school and went to all the parties and had to many friends sometimes to even remember when we were friends or when we were not... ha... Well what i want you to see is that I have had a very ruff life... growing up and my social status did nothing to make my life anything but worst... I as-well i felt lonely and tired and just want to give up on life... did really think it would do anything but make my family a little more happier I wasn't around... But as Im growing up I fond out 2 late that I needed to do things for myself... I needed to step up along time ago... and find personal happiness... and the only person that can do that i yourself... Put the drugs away and get your butt up and go to school and laugh when people make fun because... They really even-though ppl say it so much that they just believe it... but from first hand WE make fun to tear people down to ma dont ke ourselves feel better... and thats wrong but people still continuously do it... Good Luck