I Just Posted This Reply To, "are Soldiers Murderers?"

My older cousins were a Colonel, a Wing Commander & a Navy Commander & I'm ex-security

I just posted this reply to, "Are soldiers murderers?"

Hebrew has 4 words for kill

All Exodus 20 Commandment forbids is deliberate murder - NOT duly authorised defence of the realm & NOT judicial execution for murder - which the Bible actually commands

USA needs to scrap the interminable & costly appeals & accept verdicts on clear evidence, to save megabucks on jailing for life murderers whose lives should be forfeit

Will Mitt pledge that?

OB1 sure won't

These 2 youtube playlists may help you understand men fresh home from war

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1.Tribute To The Troops - This Is War
•Soldiers Story
•Explosive war footage of the real war in iraq! The true soldier's story ~ War in Iraq

101 videos

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1.Last Goodbye: US Soldiers from Iraq War
•Military Tribute "To lay down Ones Life For Others
•Sad war slideshow

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Sep 13, 2012