My First Bad Experience With Heroin

So Im new to this so i hope this isnt too graphic for the site.

I had been using opiates for the past 3 years and about 2 years ago I was shooting some methadone into my jugular vein in my neck. I was so rushed into getting a fix finally I bent the needle with my scar tissued neck. My only thought was to bend it back and try again. Well the needle didn't come back out and I freaked out. I put the hit into anouther rig and hit a arm vein. I instantly looked at my girlfriend/driver at the time and said well time to goto the emergency room. Not knowing what was in store for me.

On the way to the store I decided that I needed to eat before i go in and get stuck for hours. So I stole a thing of cheese and crackers and was than followed out the store. thank god my ride was close becuase i just jumped in the car and drove a mile down the road to the hospitle. While in the er and dealing with the doctors that were kind of scared of me already now have the police show up about the stolen cheese and crackers. I tell them that Im about to go into surgery and they hand me a ticket for a court day.

Now Im being told that I might be paralized since the needle is around alot of fragile areas of my neck. I sign a wavier and get put to sleep. All I remember is yelling at the doctors that the iv fluid was too cold. I wake up and thank god i can feel my legs. I wake up with my girlfriend now homeless with me with no car, since we used it to steal. Homeless and the only person willing to help ion a nurse that gives my girlfriend 80 bucks when she was out of the room. So ofcourse we just bummed a ride to our dope dealer scored and slept in a park after banging at the age of 21.

Now about to be 23 and been through more **** than I ever wanted too in my whole life just want my life back. 23 days clean and working one day at a time. Not alone thank god but have no one to relate to as a recovering addict.
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Opiates suck and most dnt say anything cuz alot take them two brothers r herion addicts and i had a brother whodied from an overdose i too take pills so i feel ur struggle..good luck and god bless