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having bad day need help

hi i am carly i am a heroin addict and have to kick in about 4 weeks, i am terrified and wonder if you know of any realistic resources available to me, i have ACCCHS but no job and no cash whatsoever, i can not tell my poor little mom, she is 77 years old and i have already put that wonderful woman thru enuf this lifetime, she is in another state and finally thinks i am doing fine and i don't want to involve her in anyway although i think financially she could help out, but i figure let's be real i got myself into this i may as have to suffer and save her from anymore heartache i don't want to upset her, she isn't aging all that great and one more thing may really be damaging, so that's not a possibility so it's just me and my ACCCHS, methadone is not an option if you read my story here under username carlyladida you'll see why. anyway, any thing you have to say i will listen to, thank you very much. btw: i live in lake havasu city az, great right? yeah, there is like nothing here in the way of help unless it's well hidden

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ML Andreas

I have been a heroin addict for 13 years I have been to jail lived on the streets seen the truly worst of life and of people and I am in a place that I feel like I am a lost cause I feel like my soul is dirty (nothing that cant be cleaned) I am constantly torturing myself by lapsing. After all this time and all the help I have had or people have tryed to give me I have found there is only one way to get over heroin addiction it has to run its course in the individual only you can get to the underline cause. Other,s can help you get there but it is down to you. Right now I am finding it hard to cope and straight heads dont have the first clue of what I go through and other addicts set me off on one I cant win or find a happy middle ground. What I have to get past is the fact that if heroin was free and I could pop to the chemist and get it on the n.h.s I would very happily would and that,s wrong apparently. Thing is I am a lot nicer person on it than of it I am a 34 year old man that has so much to offer I am quite clever and quite good looking (so I have been told) So it kills me when I am clean to think what I am letting slip through my finger,s LIFE. I dont no whether to just call a spade a spade and get on with it or keep struggling. End of rant.

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ML Andreas