Heroin Nights

to all the young people that are living in the active addiction, maybe my story will shed a little daylight on the darkness that we alll face on a daily basis. I wont even for a second regurtate what we have all heard for a 1000 years. i just want to share some pieces of my mind. I still have the thoughts i had when i was 20 and i first put the neddle in my arm, i didnt fall into the drug haze and the world of cloudy judgement, oh no i fell in love with the rush and smack of the cold reality that i was on the ride of the lifetime, now 22 years later i have 17 months clean and i can honestly say that i am living a free life, the air is clear and the clouds are once again white and puffy. Do i like reality, **** no it sucks some days and than there are days that i wake up and it is the greatest felling in the friggin world. I am happy most days and that is about 5 of the days out of 7 and that is because i decided to take the road more traveled and give up the act of being a leetch and started being the person i want to see everyday. Your asking me did i enjoy it , hell yeah i enjoyed it , that is when i had the money and the place to shoot up. I dont ever want to go the path of a user, i only have one more thing to add and i will bring this to a close, look at the  person inside and talk to them.that is your real self and dig deep and your going to find that you really need the man in the bubble to get your ***  out of your current mess. i wont be here to help you and if anybody ever try's to feed that line of BS to you , well it is just that BS cause its only you in the **** and they are only a passerby in your f**** up life, dig it get your sorry *** together and do something sweet and enjoy your days and nights with a clear mind.
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thanks for your story