The Potential And Practical Applications Of Heroin

Hi, it's me again; Kevin. For those of you who haven't read my posts, I am a 28 year old heroin addict from Waco, TX. For a while now, I've wondered why heroin, which i refer to as smash, is a schedule 1 narcotic? Schedule 1 narcotics are drugs that have no medicinal value. Obviously heroin has medicinal value. It's a potent opiate painkiller. Perhaps it's on this list because there are better alternatives for relieving pain than with heroin. Such as dilaudid, morphine and oxycodone. However, I am here to tell you that heroin has many more practical medicinal applications then just pain relief. Most people think of heroin as a downer which sends the user into a very sedated and weary state. This is far from the truth. When heroin is injected, usually a user will first feel a rush followed by a warm and calming sensation throughout the body. Next, the user fells energetic. They feel as if they need to do something. So they do a variety of things because it makes the things they do more enjoyable. The user does not inject smash and then lay around for hours on end until the high has passed. A lot of heroin users use heroin as an upper so they can go to work and get things done.
So, what are some practical uses of heroin? First off, pain management. I have a friend who has brain damage because of a beating, and then two years later suffered a month long coma after a car accident. He uses heroin for alleviation from pain and anxiety. I am bipolar but have not taken my lithium for over 2 years. I haven't had any mania or extreme lows for many years. I owe this to heroin and suboxone. Heroin calms down the central nervous system. This is why my manic depression remains in check. This is also why I haven't had a panic attack in many years. I do have mild to severe anxiety depending on the situations I find myself in. I am not prescribed anything for anxiety. I only take suboxone and sonata as approved by my physician.
So we know that heroin can be used for pain, anxiety, depression/bipolar disorder and as an upper for motivation to get things done. This also makes it a good ADD/ADHD medicine just the same as Ritalin or Adderal because those medications make boring things more interesting. So there are definitely enough medicinal uses for heroin to take it from a schedule 1 to at least a schedule 3. Methamphetamine is actually a schedule 2 drugs because apparently a bunch of poisons mixed together has medicinal value? Get real, meth is the worst drug for you period.
I believe we have not unlocked the full potential of this drug. We were to quick to damn it as severely harmful and wrap it in unnecessarily stiff laws. The reality of the situation is that heroin is highly addictive and in the hands of naive, ignorant users the drug is an accident waiting to happen. but in the right hands and mindset; smash can be a positive solution to many problems as long as a responsible user has apt need for it.
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are u still in waco?

Any luck? still in waco

Is this still true

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just wanted to say that heroin knocks me the *%*% out. and thats what i want it to do. if it doesnt send me in a prolonged nod, i feel i have wasted my money and that i have been played

just moved to austin. tx. can you help find?


I'm also an H user but I call it "Harry" to enable the ability of talking in code in the event people are within hearing range. I call cocaine "Betty", as in Betty White the actress (get it...white..) and I refer to crack as "Carl". First I'll address your query about Harry being schedule 1 despite the potential good medical uses. The reason that Harry, as well as Betty, and even meth are in that category are twofold: the first is the heightened criminal repercussions that go along with the leaps between DEA categories. Schedule 2 drugs like the ones you mentioned as well as even Oxycodone and Hydrocodone will carry different minimum penalty than a schedule 3 drug like muscle relaxers and some antidepressants, just as the penalty differs from schedule 1 substances. Second, the FDA does not control the manufacturing, storage, transportation, and most importantly, the dispensing of schedule 1 narcotics; so they are placed in the wildcard category with all other street drugs known to cause substantial threat of overdose-MAINLY BECAUSE there is no way to effectively throttle the purity or "strength" of these substances. As a Harry fan, you can relate to the large difference between stamps, with no guarantee of ever getting the same batch twice even in the return of the original stamp.
I also want to voice my confusion about the schedule 2 categorized drugs. You seem familiar with opiates so can you see any sense in placing a drug like Percocet or Vicodin in the same category of say Opana or Dilaudid? These 4 prescription painkillers are uniquely different in the documented fact that Oxymorphone (Opana) is literally TEN TIMES STRONGER than its rivals Oxycodone (Percocet), and same for Vicodin and Dilaudid, the hydrocodone and hydromorphone cousins. That has never made sense to me.
*and before anyone mentions the bioavailability differences, remember that many routes of administration exist that offer far better "results" than the prescribed method. If you've never heard of "plugging", look it up, addicts will do anything to increase the high.

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I know it helps me out on a daily basis. With alternating apathy and mania off it and an incredible in-sociability, it's this stuff that helps me get up the gumption to deal with all those

My personal story of addiction to heroin and opiates started with prescribed opiates for pain control. I have a chronic illness that is the reason I am a pain clinic patient who is prescribed high doses of long acting and short acting oxycodone. I began abusing the pain medication at some point and no matter how many times I swore I would do it right this time, I always ended up running out of my meds before it was time to fill them again. The withdrawal and pain was unbearable to me and I would buy pills to supplement my prescription and abuse the pills I was buying on the street. The heroin was a less expensive opiate for me and I started to view it as an option. Eventually I decided to try it. My addiction to opiates in general is my demon. It has changed me. I am not a happy, motivated, energized, pain free, anxiety free, focused person. I also have ADD and depression and anxiety. For me all of these problems are worse as a result of my heroin addiction and continue to worsen. No matter what type of narcotic it is classified as this is what I have experienced.

@ girltoday when did he say he was special? He just wanted to write his opinion out.

I wish i could i could delete your post! Herion kills many people and you have no more problems then the next person. Your not special and if you keep using you WILL die no doubt. I have been a junkie and nothing i mean ******* nothing is good about herion. Get a hobby other then this!

Heroin kills people usually when they mix it with benzodiazipines and other narcotics. Responsible users can escalate their lives with a correct amount. People just looking to get high are the reason heroin has a bad name. I won't die from it because I'm not a bubblegummer (i can handle it). I only use 2 days in a row once a month. If even that much. I have many hobbies, I'm a musician and an artist (oil paints mostly). So don't condemn me. You have probably never used heroin, and if you haven't you don't know what you're talking about

Yes i am a addict if you must know and herion was my DOC. (drug of choice) been clean for a little over 6 months. I lost everything i ever had cause i coulnt stop cause i was sick or so i thought. Today i have a good life and no longer see my friends die in my arms cause of herion.

girltoday I am very happy for you that you are now clean and no longer "chasing your dragon". My daughter is also an H addict, clean for a little over a year. As a mom, my biggest fear is that she would relapse and I might get a call one day that she has OD'd. One day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. I am soo proud of you!

what incredible restraint you have, smashguy!
two days a month. so it can be done.

That's really only because I live 100 miles away from where the H is and have no car. I get a ride to Waco once a month where I spend what I save for a 2-3 day binge. I take suboxone everyday to pass the time until my next visit

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if you have pain or depression you should use oxycodone in high doses. it gives you the same ol rush but its safer. it doesnt have all the impurities that heroin does and the risks that come along with IVing. and im not giving you a hard time man. im a junkie myself. but i do understand what youre saying about the schedule I and II stuff. it makes no sense.

You're right. Technically all the medicinal values of heroin such as anti-depression, anxiety, add, etc can be achieved with most other opiates. So using smack is more dangerous for these mental illnesses than other alternatives.