I Wanna Get Out

hello, i start using drugs at 16, at 19 i use heroin and cocain for the first, time.
At 22 i have some problems i get hooked to meth analogues, i spent all my money, i get in debts with my friends and i almost ruin my life, i stop using stimulants, and i feel happy at that time, but now, i have a bigger problem.
Form months after i stop using stimulants i start using weed, psicadelics and opoids just once a week at friday, but in a couple of weeks i get hooked to heroin, now im taking heroin all days for 4months, i allways snort and i have a habbit of 1-3bags/day but now i wanna quit, i dont wanna that this problem gets bigger, i goona stop...

I am a very functional addict, for the moment i am a great web/mobile developer, and heroin makes me work in a very fast way, and im scared to death if i can no longer be functional without heroin and loose my job.

Last night i have a nightmare and i promess myself to never buy heroin again, today i snort my last bag and prepare myself to the fight
wish me luck
ratoxkrazy ratoxkrazy
3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

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I'm with you Ranquet, we goona do this, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of our lifes.
We dont need to be hooked to some substance, we deserve to be free, to live a nice life.
if you need something just reply, i will be there for you

You can do it. I'm addicted to percocet, have been for years. I'm scared out of my mind to stop, but if I don't my life will be utterly squandered. I'm right there with you..believe me. I'm starting to detox as I write this. No one knows about my problem and I can't tell them because of the humiliation. I am also high functioning and smart..at least that's what they tell me. I have a masters degree, a good family, and a loving fiance. But....I'm crashing. My carefully crafted veneer is unraveling. I stand on the brink, about to lose everything. I know how you feel. I've been contemplating suicide but it will hurt too many; after what I've done I can't be even more horrifically selfish. So I guess our reckoning is at hand. I am totally alone in this...but I will think about you. Stand fast!