This Drug Is The Devil

Hi, i just want to share this story because i feel like im alone and there is nothing i can do. I first started doing roxys when i was about 18 but not crazy. then one day my friend introduced me to heroin and i fell in love. i ended up wasting all my money on it and of course i lost my job due to my crazy addiction, its all i thought about. Eventually i told my parents and started detox, then went to a rehab in a different state. Thinking everything would be okay when i got out, i was totally wrong. i stayed clean for about two months after rehab and then i met this guy. We hung out one night and he brought it out in front of me and i couldn't resist. A week in, his friend came by with needles. I never used a needle to shoot up heroin until that day. how ironic how i start shooting up after rehab.. anyways i am still battling with this addiction worst than ever.. ever since i shot up that day i cant think of anything else and i cant tell my parents because they would be devastated. i don't know what to do i cant think of how to get out of this. If anyone has any advice, please share. I am now 20 by the way.
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check out my fb page, it's new, but I use to be an addict but have 9 years clean and I want to help addicts, recovering addicts, and family and friends of addicts. I am trying to pass word around about my facebook page so I can begin helping people. Please check it out, if you need someone to talk to please go my page and I'll be happy help and give u support and listen!!! U can read my story and my purpose of my page if u click under community on my page.

I help with all types of addiction I been through them all!! Please know my page is new and doesn't have many likes yet but hoping that changes soon as page gets spread around!! I am always available to help!!!!

stay strong:) youre battling what most people say as the most difficult addiction, so just know that even wanting to fight through it just shows that you're strong.

its lifelong & youll probably be in rehab again or at least youll get clean again then go back to it again; if you want to be free then keep trying ~ some ppl do succeed. if you think your parents can help in any way at all then tell them...yeah theyll be devestated but how much more devestated will they be if they find out some other way...either from someone else or worse if you od or get in some other trouble

yeah you're right i just have to tell them its the only way