Using Heroin Safely In The Detroit And Ann Arbor Areas

This is a call to all those out there to dare use Heroin. I have used heroin for nearly 11 years. I have also been sober for nearly six years of that period. Today I am sober, but I am plagued by all the death I hear about die to a lack of direction and help. Especially individuals who are new to the drug. I myself have seen a lot of problems when individuals travel and try to score drugs in areas where they are unfamiliar. I am in the Ann Arbor area and I want to help anyone who needs safe guidance. Whether its recovery or safe using I would like to be of assistance. So if you are in Michigan think smart. Ann Arbor specifically has an excellent recovering community. Unfortunately due to a lack of compassion it is hard for some people to get help and support unless they stop using. This brings sadness to me. Regardless of using or not an individual should be able to receive exposure and assistance with recovery. Also if one uses they should be able to receive help and assistance to help guarantee safe using. That's what I am prepared to offer anyone. If you need a safe place to recover you an contact me, or if you need to be pointed in the direction of local services that provide free of charge the equipment to keep your injection safe and resources on where to acquire legitimate product. useHsafely(at)
UseHsafely UseHsafely
Jan 7, 2013