I have a couple question I did my last shot last night a t eight oclock and took a half of suboxone thid morning at eight oclock will I be sick or can I continue my day bein clean.. Plz I dont wanna feel sick anyoneplz help me plz any answers any other meds that will work I have clondine too is that good for the day and night to take
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if your banging it, it will send you into withdrawls unless you wait to your really really sick.. but like the post below.. your gonna have to face the music.

yes suboxon works 12hours after ur last slam so at about 12 hrs ur gonna start to b sick take ur subox an itll kick in 5-10min taking it earlier than 12hrs or beginning of ur sick symtoms

I feel so sorry for you, but you're gonna have to face the music eventually. Or die. I know from personal experience. That was my new years resolution this year. There's no way to not be sick, unless you use some form of opiate again. The suboxone will help. Listen. Take a week off of whatever you have going on, and kick the heroin. Cold turkey. Go back to smoking weed if need be but you will have to NEVER touch an opiate again. You WILL feel so much better about yourself and life.

If you keep on combinig all these substances I guess you know where you'll end up.You don't need advice on what to take, you need to quit and accept that this is a slow (or not) killer.