Anyone Ever Addicted To Heroine - Please Read My Story, I Need Your Help!

Two years ago this may I met and fell in love with the most amazing man. He was a man with a past that he was totally honest about, he had just recently been released from doing 2 years in prison as a result of his drug addiction. He told me he was going on 3 years sober and never wanted to go back to that life, i believed him.We got married December 2011, found out I was pregnant in January, and then in march he told me he relapsed and everything has gone from bad to worse....I don't understand addiction and I don't understand heroine, what I do understand is this drug has transformed this selfless, loving, and devoted man into a careless person w ho is willing to sacrifice his freedom, family, home, everything for this drug...
I have spent the past 10.5 months devoting myself to doing everything I could imagine humanly possible that could help my husband and keep my family together, I am physically and mentally drained and loosing both faith and hope everyday.
I feel completely lost and totally out of control, can anyone please just give me some perspective in why and how something like this is possible?? Please explain to me how this drug can get inside a grown man and make him believe his family and everything ofimportance no longer matters. I am just having the hardest time making sense of it all.
Thank-you for sharing anything.
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there are ways to get off this beast.
relapses are most common with this drug because it is most addictive. Heroin use rewires neuro pathways in the brain which makes the body truly believe it needs the chemical to survive, that's why withdrawals are so difficult for people to deal with.
it's very difficult to understand a user unless you are a user, even for doctors. a heroin addict is very different than an addict of crack or meth, all having there own properties but heroin does it's own thing.
meetings are good because you can get other peoples aspects.
they do have meetings for family members and friends just as much as they have meetings for addicts and anyone can go to any of them if you want.

most of the time people would just like to be angry with the loved one using, it would be natural for that reaction but it is a very bad way to confront the situation.
i would say the best way is a seeking honesty and trying to understand kind of approach.
trust me, if you come on with anger and agression all you will get is lies.

heroin usually creates somewhat of a double life so lying and persuasion comes first hand

there is hope, i figure to always say that but a lot of the time heroin abuse situations can look like there is not hope and no way out, although sometimes this is the case, good love and good support can very well bring your loved one back to life, and trust me that is what he will feel. after all the withdrawals you feel alive again, he will feel great. but it is quite a road of will power and support, especially support though.
it can be done and has been done. even without doctors in some cases.

but either way, it is a long process, and a delicate one. but if we did it i think your guy can.

Heroin is the most evil and addictive drug u will ever come across I new men and women in there 50s and 60s on it it can get to anyone and take your hole life away wivin a year or less it makes u think completely different and u will do literally anything for it ive bin ther u dont have a care in the world except wear u are guna get ur next fix from it takes a
Long time after he is of it aswell to get it completely out your head it is harder staying off it than it is getting off it its a long prosess I wish u all the best hope I hay helped a little with my 2 messages

The only person that can help him is his self wen he is ready to get clean I was on heroin for 10 yr and got clean in prison been clean for 3 yr now hav got 2 lovely boys and my gal if it wasnt for them I wud be dead probebley if he cant do it for u and ur baby then he wil neva do it trust me u need to tel him strate ur family or drugs else u wil just be goin round in circuls for ever anyway I hope u read this and gud luk my name is scott by the way x

Yeah, try & find a group that you can get support from (face to face)... it won't change much if anything but at least you won't be going through it alone
I've been an addict for, not sure, around 6or7 starts with pleasure & youll do so much to get it again, but gets to the point where its just stopping the pain/withdrawl & youll do anything to make it stop.......its not that you dont know youre doing wrong & hurting ppl or that you dont care, its that you cant find any other way....yes theres ways (rehab, methadone) but the desire calls you back & you pretend to yourself its not so bad or it wont be bad this time & you wont **** on everyone you know this time...& you believe it.......sadly truth is, those you love are important & do matter but heroine has a stronger draw.............but some ppl do get clean even if it takes them several goes......but like I (&the other comment)said get some support for yourself too

I wish there was a way i could explain heroin addiction. But i cant, it makes you do crazy things , makes you become someone your not. Im from New York and here we have something called Al-alon meetings. They are NA meetings but for a family of an addict. My mom used to go to them and she said they helped. To be around people with the same concern and the same situations as you can be comforting and also give you an understanding. I wish you luck. Ive been a heroin addict for almost 11 years. The drugs takes away everything you love and your consumed by it. I feel for you