I wake up every day around 6 A.M. I'm so hot I can hardly stand it, my legs are restless, my body is tired...I am tired... Tired of this fight. I am constantly trying to find a way to get money for my next fix. I put myself in the most dangerous situations. Anyone in their right mind would not wake up every day and slowly kill themselves but that's just it. I'm not in my right Mins and haven't been for some time now. I am young and I should have my while life ahead of me but instead I am slowly dying. I would give absolutely anything to have never snorted that first line. I sold my soul to the devil and I now I fear that I will never get out. I feel that my life will end soon if I continue the way I am going and my family will be forced to pick up the pieces. I need hell but I cannot afford treatment and I can't actually go to an inpatient facility because I am I'm college. Does anyone have any advice for me. Can anyone hell me.
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I feel your pain!I am a slave to it to!no one understands until they have been a addict! Feel free to send me a message anytime!

I swear, I can relate to every single thing you said! Minus the whole bein in college thing, but everything about the addictions sounds like exactly something I would write if I had to talk about it. I know I'm not the only one going through an addiction and in sure tons if others can relate, but it's honestly so nice to see that someone can relate so much. I'm trying to do whatever I can to make this withdrawal process as easy as possible and I really think having someone to talk to about this woulddd do that :) so if you would be interested in taking, I most definitely am!

You need to be less concerned with college or what your family might think. You need to concern yourself with getting clean and healthy. Don't worry about what people will think. This isn't an imaginary problem, and it needs to be a priority for you. People will understand that. You can do this. Reach out if you need to.

Those problems no one can solve them for you u should figure it out and believe me its hard but so great when u stop them.
Figure it out try sitting in a place that u are alone and think think think as much as you can, future what is your future if u stay on H. Think about and free your self good luck girl 💋

even better, go to the nearest clinic with all your savings, don't be shy, tell them you need to be waked o the head and tied to a bed for 2 months, you will feel a lot better afterwards

This will make her worser :|

Methadone slow wean or cold turkey: go abroad to somewhere it's not as easily available... But u can't do it alone.