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I Never Thought This Would Be Me

when i was 14 i was hanging out with this 20 year old guy. he was super cool, moody, played guitar. i thought he was the coolest. he'd shoot up in front of me and after seeing him in a completely blissful state i made him shoot me up, just half a pack. i was in love. i bought the dope for both of us for a few weeks until i was arrested for running away (with him). the police saw my track marks and told my parents. i didnt do it again until the spring i was 16. i was hanging out with the same friend and another friend of his, who were both clean. the original friend started acting out and being crazy so i started hanging out with the new guy more and more. one day one of his old friends asked him to find him some heroin and he did. he got some free and offered to share with me. after that, i started doing a whole pack, then more, and at the worst point i was prostituting for the money and doing 3 tenths a day. today, i am 35 days clean.

nevermindnika nevermindnika 16-17, F 6 Responses Jan 14, 2010

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Congratulations on 35 days clean. Keep focused on the life you can and will have by staying clean. Best wishes.

I just found out my sister has been addicted for six months. I am terrified. I want her to feel that she can talk to me but I really feel like I should tell my parents. I know it will kill them and they are older but at least she would have support. She is 20 years old. My dads almost seventy now and I just don't know if he can take it. Should I trust her to get off of it on her own or just tell my parents and risk the heart break and pain? I thought as an addict yourself you might have some insight.

Your story sound a little similar, but a started smoking heroin at 14yrs old. I was nieve and un educated. I have since written a book called Each time My Eyes Open available on Amazon. I want to help those who don't understand heroin addiction. Writting about it has been a huge help. I hope you have had success in keeping clean. Hannah

congrats. its get easier every hour every day. just wake up and promise yourself you wont use for 24 hours.

good job

May you find the strength everyday to go without this in your system. Hang in there...share your story with strong. Be proud of what you have accomplished...make each day count!