Yes - I Am A Heterosexual Crossdesser

I think it took a long, long time to come to grips with the fact that I am a crossdresser and not simply a guy with a panty fetish. Like most of us, my dressing started out with panties and over the course of time, one garment lead to another. I am very straight acting and looking and my wife of a number of years does not know about my crossdressing.  She is very conservative and would not be receptive. 

While I could never pass as a female, I have gone so far as to buy blouses, skirts and dresses but I have had to purge many of those things. Now I stick to a small collection of panties, bras, pantyhose and stockings. Realtively easily hidden and seldom used except when wife is out of town. Occasionally when I travel, I get to make a purchase.

I read about others who have supportive SOs and in many ways, wish I had the same. Sure would be sexy if the missus and I could share panties.

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I'm also married to a conservative woman and hide my fem side. She has a great collection of satin panties and lingerie that I've purchased for her over the years...actually I bought a set for myself a few times...I couldn't resist, the panties were so cute.<br />
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Anyway, I wish I could share my collection with her but I know it will never happen. As long as I get opportunity to dress up every few weeks I'm satisfied.<br />
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Good luck hopefully one day you and your wife will share a night filled with panty sex

Likewise. Wouldn't it be great to both of us wearing a pair of Vanity Fair Nylon Briefs and a silky lacy nighty and rubbing each other all over. The ultimate panty sex fantasy with her. Best luck to both of us

It's a beautiful thing to develop the full spectrum of your person! I would say that if most people reached for enlightenment with sincere intention, they would find that the core of their being is not just male or female, and with that knowledge, why limit oneself to one gender? In my own case as a bi male in a 5 year relationship with a girl, I found the denial of my femme side was holding me back from my full potential, and the more I have developed the woman that has been within me my entire life, the happier and more whole I have felt. I'm also very lucky that my lady supports me and has helped me enhance my crossdressing skills. <br />
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A beautiful fact is that there are so many women out there who would love to help a 'two-spirited' guy develop his femme side...those are the ones who are goddesses themselves and will be happy to welcome a newcomer to the goddess party...make sure to avoid the ones with confidence problems of their own or else they might hurt your ego and feelings.<br />
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Best of luck to you on your journey, my friend!!!<br />
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~ Athena

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