What Made Me A Crossdresser?

I remember my first crossdressing event.  I was about four and we were at my parents friends house, who had four daughters.  They had a life sized doll with a satin dress with puffy sleeves and petticoats.  I admired it so they put it on me, along with stockings and patent leather shoes.  It felt so wonderful and the girls had a ball with it.  They sent me into the living room and the adults thought it was hilarious.  I felt very special dressing like a girl.

After that I would put on my sisters slips and panties even though I was so young.  I knew it was wrong but it felt special against my skin.  When I got my own room I stopped, but then when I was twelve I found that ************ with my sister's and mother's panties, slips, bras felt exquisite against my penis.  One day I *********** too long and found out what an ****** was!  Imagine my shock as *** shot out of my penis and all over my sisters panties!  It made me feel really good though so I was hooked.  Since the hamper was in the bathroom, it was very easy access to the dirty clothing.  I started dressing up completely before ************ and when I was alone I would dress up in my sister's clothes and hang around the house.

So, being a crossdresser is not something that one develops through a particular lifestyle.  For me, it seems that there was instant gratification with wearing girls clothes and that behavior was reinforced with ******.  But there's more to it than that.  It has always made me feel good to dress up.  It's sexual, but also something more which I can't really put my finger on.  To this day I like to dress in my wife's things when I'm alone.  I love the feel of the material, the cut and shape of women's clothes, with ruffles and lace being the best.

My first wife did not mind, but I only wore a garter belt, hose and panties.  My second wife thought I was bi-sexual and never knew that I completely dressed up with the clothes that would fit.  She tolerated panties while having sex, but didn't like it.  My third wife has led a sheltered life and was amazed when I wore panties one time.  She allowed it, reluctantly, but got used to it until I could wear her nightgowns and panties without repercussions.  She doesn't like me to wear a nightgown while having sex anymore as I wore her out on that experience, but if I don't wear panties she gets them for me. 

She knows that I wear her clothes when I am alone and she doesn't mind.  She knows that it's an obsession that has endured throughout my life and she cannot change the fetish.  If she were hostile about my fetish it would affect our marriage and she understands that.  She also knows that I am completely heterosexual and have no desire to have sex with men. 

We are the same size so that works out very well.  She absolutely does not tolerate me wearing her clothes with her present.  I respect that and am grateful for what she does allow.  I would not like it if she wanted to walk around the house in trousers, shirt and tie!  But there is a double standard in society.  It is okay for women to wear just about anything a man wears, but let a man walk outside in a blouse and see what happens.

So, why does one man crossdress and the other not?  Some people like Brussel Sprouts, go figure...
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Surprise, something is coming out of my penis that isn't pee. That was also a scary surprise for me. Didn't have a clue until I over heard a couple of boys talking about it, by that time it had happened to me several times. I felt relieved, but not enough to stop, before or after learning what it was all about. Been hooked on lingerie ever since.

While i did not start crossdresing as early as you did, I agree that the early experiences wearing my sister's panties definiitely had sexual reward associated with it. Without a doubt, that is still a part of the experience even though I now simply enjoy wearing lingerie. I'm happy for you that you have a spouse that is at least tolerant of your crossdressing. Enjoy.

Very well put post. I agree with everything that you have said and am glad that you have found a wife that will go along with your obsession. We are a lot alike in many ways, welcome to EP.