Yes I Am A Crossdresser.

Since I was a child, I enjoy wearing womens clothes like panty hose, skirts and high heels. I never told about this to anyone except for my girlfriend now. I told her slowly and fortunately she understands. Much to my surprise she is supporting me to the point that she is the one buying girls clothes for me. :) Lucky to have someone like her. :)
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Candice- I have been in your heels to have that very conversation with my girlfriend. Well, she is no longer my girlfriend- she is my wife and best friend, as she has been for all these many years. It was about the toughest thing I ever did, and I received the most compassionate response beyond what I could evr have imagined. And my confession included admitting I liked the fantasy of being a little girl and having my hair curled and permed. Yes, you are lucky to have her- treasure her and use your femininity to understand and appreciate her as your partner.

That's great, Candice, that you have a gf who not only knows, but is supportive of your crossdressing. Sounds like you might have found a gal like my wife, who found out I crossdressed on our second date and not only did that excite her, alking me a lot of questions, but she insisted she wanted to see my crossdressed when we next got together. Within a week she did and she has been not only supportive but encouraging ever since. Yes within a year we were married and share the femme together!

Thanks and yes I know I am very lucky to have a wife who not only is supportive, but encouraging as well.
As for your questions ... I have been dressing since I was about 6 and yes I go out in public either by myself or with my wife, doing all the things women do; yes I wear lingerie each and every day and like you it is all I have; yes my feminine side has blossomed, thanks to the encouragement of my wife and hormones which I get scripts for from my wife's and my doctor. So did I answer your questions?

Thanks ... glad you are enjoying reading my responses.
As for hormones, I love them and what they've done to bring out the femmine in my total being. What I mean by that is I think and have emotions more like a woman. My wife was the first to notice that shortly after I started and that was before any of the physical changes started to become evident. Of course the physical changes came starting with increased sensitivity on my nipples and when I climaxed, where it is really good before, it was now WOW! involving my total body.
As for the community where I live, well it was more urban at first, but we moved to a more rural area. But acceptance has been great in both. I agree, urban is probably easier because there are more people to blend with, where rural more people notice you. However where we moved to I already had more female characteristics and wore female attire, though like you blouses and women's jeans are often pretty neutral, except for fit. So people from the start have been seeing and accepting me as a woman ... if that makes sense. O yes, though I do wear pants or jeans most often, just like the other women in our community, I do wear skirts and blouses and dresses on occassions.

Glad that you found a g/f that is understanding and supports you