I've always loved dressing up in sexy lingerie n heels.I would love to meet like minded crossdresser/ people to hang out n party with.Im not judgemental n not looking for a relationship,but would like to know if there wher others out there like myself ;)
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yes i am just like you

Holly smokes, where have you been?
Of course their are more people like you in the world. They are genetic males that enjoy wearing female clothing complete with makeup, wig, body shaving, ect. ect. I happen to be a lifelong cross dresser with many years of experience, doing just that.
There are more of us than I would ever have believed possible when I was young. Best Wishes, Melinda

How do I go about adding friends?Im new to the online thing.

Add me

Hi,sorry about the late response.I work night shift.I live in New Zealand n would love to add u as a friend ;)

How do I add u?

Click on my name and hit add

I think

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Welcome. Sound like we are in the same boat

more like a fleet of ships lol

Welcome to EP ! You've come to the right place. Lots of us like minded CDs here.

Thanks:) Its my first time I've ever gone online about how I feel n its been hard to open up n tell others how I really feel.

Hi,thanks 4 that..first time Ive spoken about it online