We All Have Are Resons

I  know we all  have our reason for cross dressing .

I started when I was young seen how differne

that my mom and sisters looked when they

did their hair and make up put on a dress

really thought that wow that look good to

do so I watched and learned and tried and

discovered that the more you rub it the better

it feels and more you look like a girl the better it was.

But now that I'm older and after 20 years of purging

I discovered for me that it's not about trying to be

and look like a woman I just enjoy make up dresses

and high heels for no sexual feeling it's just me

being me

notech64 notech64
41-45, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I love the feeling your talking about, notech, though I must admit I am new to this compared to most others, but I do understand where your coming from.

Yes Notech I have been through my purging experiences and I to have come to terms with my dressing I have embraced it and I love my self now. I am taking steps towards HRT and am looking forward to being able to live full time as my femme self