I started gymnastics when i was in year 2. i have moved up quickly through levels3-5, i got stuck in level 5 for ages, then i changed clubs and moved up quickly to level 8, but because of various injuries, i had to go back to level 6 and compete there :(

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Have you done acro or rhythmic? I always wanted to try but i'm too fat to do anything but artistic ;) Then again regular gymnastics is pretty damn hard as it is so maybe i'm lucky not to have that extra workload. Acro and rhythmic just looks like so much fun though! ;)

well i like my blue one :)<br />

Nup, the orange one

No, i like the red and black one better!

Thanx!!:)<br />
(blushes and giggles)

Your green leo is my favourite :)

yep, when you get to 10, you can trial for different clubs and programs to get into higher comps, and olympics if you are lucky, but you have to do that at an extremely young age

i never new there were different levels in gymnastics

mine is floor. what was your favourite tumbling lines??

were those falls in comps?? that would suck.<br />
what was your favourite apparatus?

what level were you in??