Conversation On Earning And Claiming

I had a conversation with a friend today. She had mentioned that she is leary of people who claim a title and 'lineage', and that its hard for her to believe when people just offer up that information.

I have been having something of a crisis, a dark night, and talking to her made me realize something. I told her that I had not gotten the title in a traditional manor, as one would in a degree system like Wicca. I explained that I earned the title by being dedicated for 16 years, teaching and helping others, and expressing devotion to the community in any way I could. It brings about the question of what a High Priestess is. One does not deserve the title because she knows all the answers. She earns the title through her devotion to her community, and remaining dedicated as an instrument of the Gods on this plane.

After a long and dark time, this reminded me that despite my struggle, I am still devoted to the Old Gods, and to the pagan community.

God and Goddess Bless!
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Hi MM.
I tend to agree with your friend about imaginary lineage and its irrelevance even if true. I traced my own family tree and found out that my foremothers were being hanged for being Witches around 10 generations ago, but my immediate parents and grandparents were Methodist and Anglican. Ancestry is fun to look up, but really matters is how you have learned the old ways over years of study and how you have used the knowledge to help others.

With that said, an association with and recognition by other Elders of the Craft is a legitimate process. A witch alone is pretty much lost, and who can vouch for whatever she may or may not be teaching. It is also true that I don't give automatic credibility to some of the Elders I have met. Just doing wrong for a lot of years does not make wrong into right.

Having earned recognition by the Lord and Lady is perhaps the most important thing about one's dedicating to them. May the Lord and Lady bless you and your workings.

Thanks Dan. I agree with her as well, and your opinion is appreciated.