I Was Seen As Perfect, Until I Drop Outed.

I've grown up my entire life being seen as the girl who had it all put together, was intelligent, and could knock anyone away with how kind I was. Everyone called me The Perfect Angel, then I dropped out. I have been going to church my whole life, so people expected "more" of me. I was a straight A student, was popular, and had it all. Not to be cocky or anything by the way, but everything seemed so simple! I was abused heavily at home, but never told a soul. I suffer from 6 different disorders from it, but I wouldn't let people know that. When people at school started to try to kill me too, it was time to kiss school goodbye. I wasn't weak, but dying wasn't what I wanted.
I'm so lost in my life right now, and I feel as though I can never live up to anybody's standards now. I can't open up to anybody now without them saying how much better they are then me, I can't handle it all.
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I hope you're doing better now! And don't worry about living up to other people's expectations. It's your life, not theirs. Do what makes you happy and what you think you should do. It'll work out :)

listen.its ok. my mom was super abused at her stepmoms, and she is the nicest person i know. she never told anyone, either. but just think. nice people will respect you, if you tell them WHY you dropped out. if you just say "oh i dropped out yeah" theyll be all like "wait i thought you were a good person!" but if you say "oh yeah i dropped out because people tried to kill me at school" theyll be all like "oh my god im so sorry." anyways, if youre upset because you dropped out, then just get your ged. so then everything will be ok.

When you see that things are going into the wrong direction, it is better to stop and take your time to think. You are quite young, you can take your time to find your ways in live, being lost now wont make you worst than anyone. Many are those who walk straight without thinking, only to find they went to the wrong path later. Send me a message, maybe we can work something together. I can tell you about my mistakes and how i am correcting them.