..i Regret

... Hi my name is Tava J. im currently a highschool drop out.I dropped out in 11th grade, i know, what a bad idea i was so close. Well it started with depression i felt as i failed big time at everything so i dropped out.Thats the biggest mistake of my life,I am now 19 i truley want to go back to school or get my ged.Its very hard to get a job without a ged or hsd.I didnt know what i was going to go through which is not a good thing.I have had plently of time to think about what i want a career in and i know now.I want to be police officer but first i have to get a ged which seems like alot of work and it is.I just feel like i need help in order to achieve my goals. i wish someone could just tell me what to do and thats coming from a girl that dont have anyone to look up to...help

p.s i advice anyone to not drop out of school
leelee5 leelee5
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012