Couldn't Even Make It A Year

I have 7 credits. I dropped out during the 2nd semester of grade.9, (I was 14) I fell in with a bad crowd. I would party a lot, drink a lot, do drugs. I had a horrible attendance record, the school threatened to take away my credits & possibly kick me out if I didn't get my act together. I was actually, a good kid. Respectful, polite, did my homework. I wasn't what you're average "reprobate." I had really bad social anxiety & I think I used drugs as a way to make myself comfortable, it relaxed me & made it easier for me to open up & hang out with kids my age. I was seeing a therapist to help with my anxiety & at the time depression. They both decided it would be better for me to not be in school anymore.. I was removed & tried doing Correpondence, I got a couple credits through that.. but, not many. I don't even have a full year of High School. I am now completely clean, I don't smoke, drink or do any drugs (I'm 18 now) I am studying to write my GED in the Summer & hope to pass & maybe go onto college or maybe get a better paying job than the one I have now. Sometimes I see this as a mistake.. but, than I think if I had of stayed in school I may still be doing drugs, I've grown a lot as a person so I don't regret leaving school one bit. I'm happy with my life in every way!

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Aww, I wish he would see it that way.

I know how you feel about the Dad thing. My Dad would say that to me as well. I wasn't allowed to cry either or else I was being weak & a baby. <br />
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Thank you for the quote, that one is going to go in my little book of quotes. Thank-you. xoxox

That is very true! I plan to study very hard before the test to ensure I will pass. :)

It wasn't hard. As a matter of fact, I got to lay out of school before I started college and if anything, I learned something from it that I otherwise would not have. It was sortof an eye opener I guess you could say. Even the GED administrators made comments to the effect that it was strange to see me there, I did so good on the test. After all, I was in the college prep classes in high school.<br />
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Just goes to show you how utterly horrible peoples' judgement is.

Congrats!! That's great you could over come that!

I didn't finish high school as a result of someone stashing alcohol in my vehicle. They suspended me to 'make an example'. I got my GED, went to college and received dual Bachelor's degrees. I'm now more educated than every single person at that school was at the time of my suspension.

you wouldn't be the person that you are today if not for what you've been through. keep moving forward, you'll continue to grow as a person and as somebody significant.

Thank-you, I have been thinking about taking a photography course. It might be really interesting. I agree, I do think my life is on a much better path now. My past is my past & I can't change that. Thanks for the support. :)

I'm glad your life is on a better path. It's great that you realize you shouldn't regret what happened because of what you went through you are this person today. That's great you have goals for yourself, I saw you are interested in Photography maybe you can go to college for that! Keep working towards the things you want/deserve.

Thanks, I hope I can! :)