Im A Highschool Dropout

I always wanted to be different from everybody but i never thought i would end up getting kicked out of school. I'm actually an ok student no fights,i got mostly b's, many friends, and i had no attendance problems. But once my junior year had started i felt major changes mentally and emotionally by the time second semester cam my grandma had died which made me super depressed but i never showed it i was the guy in the family who always had a smile and helped others. After missing many days of school first and second already i came back and i had found out my grades have been going down and my friends were starting to talk crap about me, i stopped going to school for the next 50 days which by that time was the second last month of school , i failed all my classes except one, and my dean put me in alternative school for senior yr were i thought i can do good again, but all these feelings and emotion came back i didn't care for school i just wanted to be done but i stopped going. I know my family secretly hates me now cuz thats all they would talk about just finish high school. But i thought about it i will be my own and accept the choices i made im going to get my ged and study psychology,and some type of art in collage after 2 years in junior collage. My life ain't over yet i just hate that people might look down on me for only having a  ged when im really smart, i was just trying to find myself at the worst time.

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Its been 3 years and u probably wont see this, but I'm almost 15 (in a month) dropping out when I'm 16 in my sophomore year. And i'm drinking a banana flavored shake. Im dropping out because i don't care what society's bullshit words have to say to me. But of course with the intension of a GED. I WILL become a professional fighter, and i'm going to not listen to what people say to tell me i cant or bring me down. I will be like Bruce Lee and I'm starting NOW.

Get after it! The GED can be your key to entering the education system. Those who become productive simply refuse to let circumstances stymie them.