Sink Or Swim

School is not for everyone. I never did like school, not even slightly. As a young boy in kindergarten I had many friends and played with them. Although I was a subject of ridicule I didn't feel much. I was an eccentric type. Praise nor insults affected me. Then we split up. To give an analogy it is like the big bang high energy and warmth at the start, but over time large distances of cold empty vacuum between those energies. The kids I was originally friends with moved on and made new friends, I however had not. I simply curled up into a ball in one of the toys they had at recess resembling a cylinder and let my imagination roam free. I day dreamed of grandiose machines that one day I might develop. The others became aware of this and made fun of me. I for the most part I didn't care. It did annoy me a bit, akin to the white noise on a radio, but not much. I felt I could be so much more, but school was preventing me from attaining those heightened levels of knowledge and awareness of my passions. My family was poor and dysfunctional so it was foolish to try and get them to understand my frustrations and impediments to my potential. over the years the annoyance grew larger and had an effect on my overall well being. I began to sleep more often and had extreme mental shifts. I began to get very depressed of the extreme boredom and annoyance I had at school. I never was good at school, I wasn't a troublemaker, but I never submitted my homework or listened to the teacher. As a form of escapism I played video games. One day my brother took me a fast food restaurant and taught me algebra. It was very pleasurable. I wasn't sure what interested me to it. Was it the abstraction or the fact I could do what older kids can? Or maybe because you can use those general concepts in many areas in life? I still to this day do not know. I laid down on my bed that day and thought "If I want to become somebody I better do good in school." Oh, how wrong I was, but I'll explain that later. The transformation was literally over night. I effortlessly achieved the top levels of academic success. I still resorted to video games as a form of escapism as school life still bored the **** out of me, but I made time after my homework to study one of my passions, math. We had a computer, albeit a very bad one. I discovered a website that covered many things including math. It is called khanacademy. There I learned lots of math and by 6th grade I knew everything to algebra 2. HOWEVER that is when I began to discern from a ****** teacher and a ****** learning environment from a good one. It very gently, but very powerfully pissed me off how some of the teachers explained concepts and how slow paced the class was. Up until 9th grade I continued this. At that time I took an introduction to programming course online. It was very very fun playing with computers. I was divided between forging my own path and going the safe way out. The geometry teacher I had at the time was kind of dopey. He made many mistakes and made kids only get a superficial understanding of concepts that really wanted me to chew him out. One day he gave us an optimization problem that the seniors couldn't solve in order to graduate. (*I don't blame them for crying loud they failed algebra how the hell are they going to pass that ****? AN OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM?! although a simple one for that matter. :P*) It was a box volume optimization problem. He didn't distribute the terms and he was using a ******* calculator to extrapolate a best fit for the problem using a god damn QUADRATIC! WTF?. I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs it is cubic moron!! length X width X height. get it? so he taught us how to do it the WRONG way while telling us this is why we need engineers ffs -.- . While at home I was thinking about how to solve the problem without the calculator and using a cubic for a perfect fit. I distributed terms and then I had a moment of insight "OH! find the derivative of the function set it equal to zero and solve for the positive value to find the maxima." I submitted my work the next day and as if I was a ******* dog he said to me "Good job." and didn't even consider that I didn't belong in his class. That furthered my anger annoyance towards school. When it came to winter break I was at a crossroad between Scylla and Charybdis. I loved programming so much and I wish a ******* winter break could be a WINTER BREAK, so I can have some time to play around with computers, but NOOOO, I had to do a book report on a 1000 page book for Honors English. "That's it." I thought to myself. I've had enough. It was illegal since I was still fifteen, but I decided "**** it. This is really ******* me off. " I've decided to really find myself and hone my analytical skills while dipping into electronics, computer science, programming and other areas that interested me. I've decided I don't need high school. I figure I can master my skills alone, go to college make a few friends, and get that expensive shiny piece of toilet paper so I can put my foot through the door when I am ready to get a job. Anyway that is essentially my life's story up to this point xD. I hope you guys enjoy it.
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Go to college and do 24 hour credit program or go to online high school or take your ged. You can do everything online if you are in certain state. Never give up! :D You can work all want and advance.

It just irks me how public education is made as if there is no variance. I won't bicker about it anymore. All you have to do, is toughen up to reality and become the bull. Forget taking the bull by the horns, BE THE BULL! Stop being meek, view life in an intensely realistic way and you can have whatever you want. If you don't know what you want, introspect. Look inward for your deepest desires, feelings and thoughts.