School Sux

I left school in year 8 and have a better job than most of my classmates so if School is not for you. Give it a go, if not be a drop out. Most drop outs have a higher IQ and have more passions and end up having a better life too. All in all I wasnt just another brick in the wall!

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I left school at 14. I did well.<br />
Going to uni is NOT the best thing for MOST people.

I was devastated when circumstances meant I had to leave school before finishing year 9. I had to leave, to get work to support myself. But I can think of no job that could provide more happiness and contentment than the one I have now. Yet, if I had stayed in the education system as I so desperately wanted, I would never have ended up here. So I agree totally. An education doesn't always get you where you really want to be.

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