Grade 12...again

So basically this year I am going in to grade 12 for the second time. Before in middle school I would get by and pass my courses barely. But now high school is a completely different. I guess it all started when I was in grade 4 and decided to not to do my homework and from then on I just kind of wasnt motivated to do homework. In grade 9 I got all my credits and passed. I messed up in grade 10 and failed geography but I managed to get most of my credits, it was a fun year though a new school and new people. In grade 11 I tried out for my school's football team but I didnt cut it because the school didnt have equipment in me size(im a tall guy). I failed grade 10 geography again and said "**** it!!" for the rest of the year. I didnt get many credits that year. This past year for grade 12 i fugded up so hard. I only passed on of my classes and I failed grade 10 geo for the third time and I ran track. I hope this year is different because my younger brother is graduating before me(lame). Anyways I dont really care what people think of me because I dont care what they think. Im not like a loner but more like a nobody, I have my friend's and people to chill with but school is school.
Orchards Orchards
22-25, M
Aug 8, 2010