So I just look at my school budget for updating the school and it was 50,000,000 dollars that is kinda insane
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Updating the structure of the building or educational resources?

They built us new areas for they could put the new equipment in. We got a shooting simulator for the criminal justice kids can practice shooting. We updated the salon,restaurant and all the classrooms. But all the money was in a state grant they gave us

Well that's good that your school got updates. But I'm sure they could have cut back somewhere... Isn't state grant, made possible because of taxpayers? Education is great, but I'm sure they could have invested in the school differently and more efficiently.

Well since every student leaves with an associates degree in there major. I'm going to say they're doing a pretty good job and all the teachers have work in there fields before becoming teachers for there field. I've got to give them credit where it's do. But I'm someone can find a flaw if they look at everything

That's quality education! It sounds like a career center. There's one in my area. Of course, there's always one mistake. Nothing is perfect.

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