Starting 11th grade, that means SAT and ACT prep books! and also lots of work... :-/ So much work... why?
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Lol just graduated... and 11th grade was by far my favorite year... now being a college freshman is probably hard i bet

Took the ACT last year. It's bullshit. Trust me, the stack of pamphlets you get for this test works better as footrests than they do for your test scores. Just try your best, don't be too proud to take a calculator, and if you get a score you aren't happy with you can always do it again.

Omg me too!!! I'll be a junior in September and I am like so confused about the whole sat and act thing

I had sat prep during my sophomore year and will continue it. I just really want to get a high score so that I get full scholarship to the school I want to attend. Ahhhhh!!!

I never even took the PSAT!! I moved schools way to much in my freshman and beginning of my sophomore year :(

Haha no it's fine, it's not required for college so I'm all set :)