Its my last year of highschool, damn i can't believe it. Time does pass by fast .-.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2015

That would be the case for me if I didn't fail the year BUT THERE WAS A REASON NOT LIKE I JUST DIDNT DO THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed the entire third quarter due to my recovery period from my brain surgery the first semester was a blast for me I had video game design as my first class then graphic design next English but god did I hate her she had some kind of grudge with me then us history and my teacher was hilarious then lunch followed by sculpture (and once I got the hang of the pottery wheel I loved doing it) math then science I hated my math teacher because I thought he was practically insulting us I miss understood he was like just try to get through our thick skulls that we can't pass just from learning his stuff in one and not do the homework (that he didn't take for a grade)