So i'm in my second year of highschool and a Teacher that I had in 9th grade and I had a special type of relationship.
First of all, we are both girls. There's never been any type of flirting so don't you go thinking that.
She used to homeschool me in my home until I transitioned to regular public school. I was in her class and we became very close.
I shared with her things about my mental health issues and things i haven't even told my own parents. She's told me things that she hasn't told any other student or teacher. We have hugged many times but I don't call her by her first name. We have even exchanged phone numbers in case I ever wanted to talk.
Then when I stopped by to her class today (new school year) we hugged many times and she calls me her little sister :) after 5 minutes of talking about our summers, she went back to her class.

I was wondering if it would be technically "safe" to meet with her outside of school.
Safe as in for her career. I don't want her getting in trouble with rules or anything like that. I'm no longer a student if hers but I still go to the same school she teaches at. I'd love for us to go out and have coffee, and see movies like friends.
My parents would be totally cool with it, i just don't want the teacher getting into any trouble...
What are your thoughts?
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Depends how good u are at keeping quiet. If they can tear your fingernails out without u breaking, I'd say go for it.

I may be responding too late. There are several problems-- she is a teacher, she teaches at your school--even though you don't have her as a teacher now, she has been your teacher; she is an adult and I believe that you are under 18. There is a professional code in Oregon where I live which says that teachers do not socialize with student or worse case scenario-- have sexual relations with a students--boy or girl. If you are accused and tried and convicted in court-- you go to jail besides losing your job and will lose your teaching license forever. What if your teacher moves to another state-- her history will have been shared. Teachers in Oregon have to have background checks and are finger printed. Not that this process is full proof and keeps teachers from crossing the professional line...

I found this in my old diary lol!