the american school system is ridiculously bad
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Tell me about it :/ im a senior and cant wait to get out of there

Try to be positive about developing yourself from what you learn in class.

America is ridiculously bad.

Amen !

The university eternal debt system is much worse. You want a better life making good money from a well-paying job? That's cute, let's saddle you up with mountains of debt you can't afford that accrue insane amounts of interest to ensure that you'll never have any money at all. Brilliant system!

I agree 100%

Come to Aus then you can complain.

Lol yes

@Stucky99 I saw your reply and for some reason i wasn't able to reply to what you wrote. From what you said, it seems like you share a computer with a classmate? I don't think that's bad.Especially since your all learning a topic been taught by the teacher in the class. It's even a way of sharing your ideas about what you understand concerning the topic or asking your classmate to explain it if he or she truely understood the topic. And when you say the teacher doesn't teach, does he or she just stare at you guys without explaining anything? I don't think so. The very important thing about learning is making sure you understand what your learning. And if you don't understand what he tried to explain, tell him you don't understand. Don't be afraid to ask your teachers questions, as long as those questions will help you understand better. You mentioned your not allowed to bring food to school. Is it possible you eat quickly before you go to school? Because you need to eat in the morning before you go to school to learn. Hope you can get good things from what i've said, that can help you! :)

Hahahahahahha I'm sorry but this sounds really crazy to me because I'm here depressed that I never got the chance to school there. We can't eat food too but we can bring food our break is 15 mins! We do nothing but study no sports! You can do it after school but well I couldn't due to family problems. First of all we can't take phones to school, the schools are so strict two girl committed suicide because they got caught taking phones to school. We have uniforms and even if you're not coming to school that day and decide to drop a document by you can't come in colored...It get ridiculous, they confiscate CDs, books (any book that's not from the school library even Harry Potter) and freaking cartoon stickers! Badges!

There is so much competition a dad burned a 10 year old boy's hand for failing a scholarship exam! Kids here get private tutors for all the subjects! They spend hours and hours being tutored after 6 hours of school! Some kids get that from the 3rd grade. AND REALLY YOUR SCHOOL STARTS EARLY? lol hahahaha our school starts at 7;30 if that stupid Friday song by Rebecca black shoes anything real you wake up at 7! We wake up at 5 am! Many kids here get 5 hours of sleep because of the busy schedule and pressure from parents. I leave home at 6:30 am in a public bus and travel 8kms to get to school but there are kids who wake up at 2am and travel for 6 hours a day in public busses to go from one part of the country to the other for well recognized schools. They check out bags and make us stand and the. Touch us to see if we are hiding anything inside (like a pen drive or a necklace) they close windows just incase we throw something out to hide it. HOW ******* INSANE IS THIS?

Wow, I'm sorry. Schools just suck in general. I prefer independent learning, it's much more beneficial to me personally.

Yes it is!!

It's designed for students to fail.

In what way exactly?

Well first off, the teachers don't actually teach and you're forced to stare at a computer screen in silence all day. Secondly, you're allowed no independence in learning style so each student is forced to learn the same, even if they learn better in different ways. You're not allowed to eat or drink at all in school, you can't bring your own food or drinks, you're only allowed to eat during the 30 min of lunch.. they give you two bread sticks and a fruit or veggie.. school starts extremely early.. so basically you're starving, exhausted and falling asleep because you're sitting in silence for 7 hours wanting to kill yourself the whole time

It's awful. I hate everyone in the education department.