I have to present a speech at school next week, I have no idea what to do it on! It has too be something I feel strongly about. I've already done one on stereotypes but I need to do another so I can submit the best one for my coursework. I thought about it either being on animal abuse or homophobia. Any ideas? I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to scroll down my experiences and read the posts about these two topics.
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I might be too late, but anything relating to recent terrorism all over the world. thats a big problem that needs to be addressed. anything from 9/11 to now...

the homo one!!! thats a big issue. Just make sure you feel strongly about it

Thank u

What's something that interests you?

Its nothing that interests me, its got to be something i'm trying to prevent

Okay, may I suggest speaking on preventing the killing of wolves?

Thank you, I shall keep that in mind.

Yeah, it's a cause I want to promote. I want to make sure wolves stop getting killed.

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