I am currently a senior at the BEST high school ever. We truly aren't just a school but a community. We are all about independence, being yourself, supporting LGBT rights as a group. We thrive to show passion in our studies and arts. We also luckily don't have a football team. The theater is where a lot of power is put into. I actually am FULLY dedicated to it and work as a technician in set construction most of the time. The theater has some of the best actors in the state as proven in competitions we take part in. Also bullying never happens and ours is a 4 by 4 in terms of periods, 4 classes per semester but 8 in a school year.
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How long is each class?

An hour and 30 minutes but homework is always light

I sometimes find it difficult to stay focused for that long, especially if the class is lecture based!

Also it's not just lectures a lot of teachers tell funny stories and sometimes have us get up and walk around and do other learning exercises that are fun. I myself have ADHD and have trouble concentrating yet I am a straight A student

I would hope it wasn't just lectures - that isn't very effective teaching! It's good to have variety, so people with different learning styles can be engaged.

Also there's no dress code you can walk around with colorful dyed hair or walk around in a Pokemon outfit and not get laughed at for it. There are even a few crossdressers who aren't discriminated against. That's something I love about my school

That's awesome. I wish I could have gone to a school like that.

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