I Think I Am An Hsp

I saw an article in the local paper which I then found on the internet.It sounded so familiar that I did the selftest.I ticked 3/4 of the boxes listed.Does that make me an HSP or am I just a bit weird compared to other people?
shyster shyster
2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Three quarters, well done. Welcome to your world, welcome to our world.

You are the only one that can say if you are an HSP or not. You know what it is like to be you, how you go about things, how you deal with the world around you. <br />
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It doesn't make you weird. At least I don't think so. Being an HSP or an empath if you prefer, simply means you are sensitive to other people, or to your surroundings. You may find it easy to understand the emotions of someone near you, or find crowds difficult to deal with, or maybe you find loud noises to be stressful. <br />
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It is not a disease, or an illness - it is just the way you work, a system of natural abilities that you possess. Also, there are different extremes - some people will only be slightly sensitive, whereas others will be extremely sensitive. It depends on the person. <br />
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There is a good article over at Hubpages that talks about what an HSP is. It might answer a few questions for you. Link: http://hubpages.com/hub/hsp