The Highly Sensitive Person - An Introduction

Quite a good introductory article about HSPs and what it all means.   Useful for those just finding out about it. 

I tried to post a link in the forum section of the group, but EP didn't seem to like the link to Hubpages.

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I got a lot out of going to those hub pages. Thanks for posting that! Do you know of any HSP chat rooms? Thanks again for sharing!

I thought so, a good start for those that don't know much about HSPs, or understand what it is all about.<br />
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Yes, I'm trying to do the same thing right now - finding a good job, with minimal stress. I find the daily commute is something that stresses me out, so I'm racking my brains for a decent way to work from home. :S <br />
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Good luck with your job search.

You're welcome JMO. I hope the article helps you. I thought it gave a good description of what an HSP is. <br />
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Let me know what you think of it.