A More Sensitive Neurological System

Having a more sensitive neurological system means my immediate world has a way of sometimes enriching me and sometimes overwhelming me. Most times I feel like an alien who oftentimes is unable to enjoy the mainstream world of extroverted activities. Unlike the majority of people, I cannot tune out stimuli such as loud noises, strong smells, boisterous behavior and bright lights. These "sensory assaults" lead to energy leaks -- anxiety, overreactions, irritability and low-frustration tolerance.

If the sensorial over-stimulation wasn't enough, I’m also affected by people’s emotional energy. I suffer from other people’s responses to me as well as their negative moods, clingy behaviors and more.
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I remember recently my mother telling me that I was too sensitive, even as a child. I have pondered on the meaning of this. After much reading, I concluded that I was not too sensitive, just psychic. But I never say it openly, it sounds pretentious.

Being highly sensitive is a double-edged sword. You notice things other people don't and accordingly are able to see targets other people don't see, but on the other hand if you're like me you may want to barf when a 70-yr old woman who smells like she smashed a bottle of "White Diamonds" over her head walks by in the supermarket.


Yes, exactly.

I have always been frustrated by people who say I shouldn't be so sensitive. The people who have said that often miss or overlook important pieces of information and they miss that they are missing it. Most of my life I have been treated as if being sensitive was somehow dangerous. When I look at people who dislike sensitivity like people who don't think we have global warming, I am amazed at the disconnect. Hang in!

Ah thankyou iNtuitive, it feels good to hear that

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I've found the same attitude you've encountered, yet there is hope. We HSPs have one another.

It does not matter who I talk to, they all say the same thing, I'm too sensitive and need to stop being so, well I can't change myself, I love my sensitivity, shame no one else does.<br />
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I agree it must be neurological because the brain controls everything.

Oh, I forgot to say... I'm an INFJ. I like structure and order over spontaneity.

Oh, I used to use avoidance for many years until I could no longer withstand the state of numbness. I determined to use only natural means to find calm and eventually I found strategies that are right now difficult for me to label or describe. All I know is that I am managing my low tolerance of noise, chaos and the unplanned adversities of life. <br />
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What has helped is controlling what I eat and drink. I eat mostly organic fresh raw vegetables, I stay away from stimulantes like coffee, alcohol, black tea, refined sugar, MSG, white flour and junk food. I will have to give more thought to your question to complete my answer... Oh, yes getting to bed by 9 or 9:30 p.m. helps too.