All My Life

Hi Folks,
All my life I've been sensitive,and by God I've suffered for it,because I kept meeting people who were NOT! And by god there are
plenty of them around.I still am sensitive,but recently I've had to be tough along with it. And you know,where I live,if I had not got tough I would
have been squashed like a bug.So,though it may APPEAR contradictory,I now realize that if I want to be loving and kind,I better be prepared
to tell those of limited intelligence that that does NOT signify weakness!
Still,that's one of the reasons I'm on here,to be among my "own kind".
A gift for you all in the form of a much loved quote:"In order to love one's self,one must behave in ways one can admire".
Kindness,Love,and Peace,
jimindigo jimindigo
2 Responses Nov 18, 2011

Hi Jim, I know exactly what you mean...'Would've been squashed like a bug'...indeed, I think the truly sensitive people are stronger because they've had to learn to be, in order to survive. What an apparent paradox, on the surface of things, and as you say, to the less intelligent. I am always presumed, by those who don't know me very well, to not be a very sensitive person!....why? Because I am so very strong, and they don't understand the concept of strength and sensitivity existing alongside each other. It really gets up my nose sometimes! Here's to embracing the beauty and strength of who we are!

awww thats sad