So Relieved To Know That I'm Not Alone After All.

I was so relieved to learn that there are HSP's out there like me. I only recently learned about HSP quite accidentally actually. I was on an internet news website clicking on links to stories that sounded interesting to me and ran across a link to a story entitled, "Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?" As I read the article my tears began to freely flow as they often do because for the first time in my 48 years of life I felt like finally someone understands me.

I have felt so all alone in the world my entire life. I've felt like some kind of freak or emotional basket case, so different from everyone else around me. I had honestly believed that I was the only person on earth that felt things so intensely that they often become overwhelming to me.

It's so good to not only know that I am not alone but to know that I'm not mentally unstable or just outright crazy.
RaineJones RaineJones
46-50, F
5 Responses Jan 5, 2012

Exactly!! Me too!!!

I'm 17 and I just learned what I had last year. It does feel amazing to finally be able to put a name to it. Knowing what you have makes learning about it so much easier.

We're really not alone. There are others like us. We aren't weird. RJ, you are a perfectly normal woman who is capable of feeling things deeper than other people. That makes you amazing!!!

Hi RJ, I too only found out a few months ago about being an HSP and I understand that relief you're referring to. It's so validating to finally learn where we fit into the grand scheme of things.

Hi RJ, it is a relief to know we are not alone. That is the first step, the next will be to connect with other HSPs. Unless you live in a big city, they are very few gatherings, which I think is important - to connect.